Back to the blog

June 22, 2008

After a long hiatus, I’m back to the blog.
V2.0 of YzGuide, Inc. was doing OK, but frankly servicing small businesses was requiring too much time for the money (as you may remember, I have a very full time job).
Therefore, YzGuide, Inc. will be the parent of my real estate endeavors. Higher return for the time spent – greater risk, but greater reward.

Best of Everything,
The Yz Guide


All work, no updates

July 29, 2007

Being busy helping customers is great. However, it hasn’t left time for posting to the blog or updating my own site.
Need to balance, need to outsource more, needed today as a total downtime day…

Referrals rock

June 23, 2007

Gotta love referrals. Absolutely the best way to get new business for two reasons: acquisitions costs are low (referral fee or appreciation gift at most) and the customer is usually great to work with.
If you don’t already have a referral program, you may want to consider one. It’s been doing great things for YzGuide.

The past few weeks have been quite busy building sites for clients and proposing other work. In addition, I’m taking a new day job (some colleagues went to another company and recommended me… timing is right, so is the opportunity, so I start tomorrow!).

While I was neglecting the blog, some clever folks have been posting scripts to push people to their viagra and cialis sites. I’m not in the market for either, so I deleted all the code this evening.

Will get back to regular posting!

Business booming

May 13, 2007

After only a month since relaunching, business is really picking up.
Two long-term and one short-term clients added this month.
So far, they are impressed with the value ratio (quality and effectiveness for the money).
We’ll endeavor to keep them happy and generate referrals.
Well, back to work!

Kicking off V2.0

April 22, 2007

So, I’m kicking off V2.0 of YzGuide, Inc. at an HSBC investor’s seminar on Wednesday evening at the Jersey City branch. Will open the program with a few minutes on marketing. This will be an excellent opportunity to begin promoting our marketing services.
Several site updates to make prior. I’ll post again after the seminar.

New ISP up and running

April 1, 2007

Well, nearly 2 weeks later but I migrated to a new ISP.
Was leaning towards 1and1, but got a "gut check" red flag when I was talking with one of the customer service reps prior to signing up. Did a little checking on the internet and found a lot of negative reviews, etc. Then checked into those with good reviews and found LunarPages. They seemed to have what I needed. Since the very knowledgable folks at PayPal support also spoke very highly of them, I signed up.
The only downside is the webmail applications are a bit weak, but the service does everything they claimed and the support is strong.
Check out the new YzGuide site at: <a href=""></a> and let me know what you think. More great information and services for small businesses coming soon. I’ll post as we update!
Best of Everything,


March 19, 2007

Having a significant number of good and really good ideas has never been my problem. The problem is as they keep coming, it tends to dilute my focus on previous ideas and delay their full execution. Case in point: the need to migrate the YzGuide website. Know I need to get it done. Have already identified the new host. Haven’t migrated it partially because of a significant amount of business (as in day job) travel this month, and partially because I have been considering real estate and other investments (due to their shorter profit cycles) as a result of last weekend’s Trump Institute seminar. Perhaps this is a form of procrastination?
Whatever it is, here’s the short term goal: I’ll migrate the site by Monday (1 week from today).
I’ll post when it’s up for you to check it out. Looking at properties and other investment opportunities will remain secondary to hitting this business’ milestones.
Best of Everything,

Trump Institute Review

March 11, 2007

Attended a Trump Institute Wealth Building Weekend workshop this weekend.
Quick take: expensive, but worth it.
Learned a lot about a lot of things. The emphasis was on real estate, but a lot of the concepts and lessons could be applied to business in general. 1/2 day was spent on business only, other parts were applicable to both business and the business of making money in real estate.
As they say, "you don’t know what you don’t know." I now know a heck of a lot more, but realize it is still only the tip of the iceburg (of course, they spend some time convincing you of that so you’ll sign up for up to 2 additional courses…). However, as the extremely exceptional instructor drilled into us all weekend: "I don’t know who’s going to pay all of these costs, but it’s not me!" I’ll sign up for the next round after I’ve applied the knowledge from this weekend to make the money to cover round 2. Same for the third and final round. I’m definitely doing it, but will use the return on this investment to fund the next rounds.
Best of Everything,

Fight or stay home

March 4, 2007

Went to a NJ Devils hockey game tonight (vs the Boston Bruins). I’m not really a hockey fan, but my daughter wanted to go to a game, so we did. The Devils lost 4-1 and hence the title of this post: fight or stay home.
They weren’t outplayed as much as outskated. There did not appear to be any real hustle/intensity/desire on their part. To borrow from Austin Powers – it appeared that they had lost their mojo.
If you’re not going to give it your all – stay out of the game. There’s a business lesson for ya.
Best of Everything,